How important is the accuracy of your EME supplier on record?

by | Mar 29, 2023 | News, Documentation

It has become more important than ever to ensure the accuracy of EME recordings under the Procurement element. This is due to various reasons which QSE and Generic entities are not aware of, but can have a massive impact on the outcome of your BEE Scorecard. This only becomes apparent during the Verification process when they are thrown out by a competent rating agency due to being invalid.

When appointing an EME as a supplier, specifically under the Construction and

Transport Sector (as the Affidavits for these Sectors are the most commonly mis-used), please make note of the following:
All Sectors have different Affidavit formats and qualifying criteria.

Transport EME’s have to supply a certificate/auditor’s letter as legislation does not allow for an Affidavit in this Sector.

The threshold for Transport EME’s is under R5 million, unlike the Amended Codes.

All entities that fall within the Construction Sector have requirements to meet and cannot automatically qualify to utilise an Affidavit. Examples of Construction entities are:

  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Architects
  • Shop Fitters
  • Building Material Suppliers
  • All building work even steel fabrication
  • Glass fitters to name a few.

Construction Affidavits are under serious scrutiny by SANAS, so the Verification Agencies are becoming more vigilant in this regard.

Most Sectors have different requirements to meet to qualify as an EME and will have their own corresponding Affidavit to fill out.


Please don’t be caught unaware of these facts at the time of Verification, so familiarise yourself and ensure your suppliers meet the legal requirements to qualify as an EME and are utilising the correct documents for their relevant Sector.

You are well within your rights to demand compliance from your suppliers and ensure this forms part of your Procurement framework.
Please don’t hesitate to refer to our website and click on “legislation” to view the Codes for the various Sectors.

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