Large enterprises with annual revenue greater than R50 million, foreign companies and multi-national corporations need to be measured according to the B-BBEE scorecard. 

Get B-BBEE-certified so you can compete for larger contracts in South Africa and grow your business.

Large Enterprises and BEE:

Large enterprises need to comply with each of the 5 elements of the B-BBEE scorecard. These elements that you will be measured on are:


  • Ownership
  • Management Control
  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • Socio-Economic Development

Foreign-Owned Companies and Multi-National Corporations:

Foreign-owned companies trading in South Africa generally don’t meet black-ownership requirements of the B-BBEE scorecard. To be competitive and capitalise on business opportunities, foreign companies must seek compliance through:


  • Sale of equity (10% to 51%)
  • Participation in an Equity Equivalent Investment Programme
  • Maximising total measured procurement
    spend (TMPS) on preferential procurement suppliers

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