Exempt Micro Enterprise B-BBEE Affidavits

If your business has an annual revenue of less than R10 million, you qualify as an Exempt Micro Enterprise and gain automatic B-BBEE Level 4 recognition.

However, if your business is more than 51% black-owned, you qualify for Level 2, while a 100% black-owned EME qualifies for B-BBEE Level 1. This will be verified with a sworn EME Affidavit.

Use our editable BEE affidavit templates below to verify your ownership structure.

Download a B-BBEE affidavit for your small enterprise:

EME General Sector Code Affidavit

EME Specialised Sector Code NPO Affidavit

EME Agriculture Sector Code Affidavit

EME Construction Sector Code Affidavit

EME Financial Sector Code Affidavit

EME ICT Sector Code Affidavit

EME MAC Sector Code Affidavit

EME MAC Public Relations Sector Code Affidavit

EME Tourism Code Affidavit

EME Property Asset Based Sector Code Affidavit

EME Property Estate Agents Sector Code Affidavit

EME Property Service Based Sector Code Affidavit

What you need to know before completing an EME B-BBEE affidavit

Valid for 12 months

Like any B-BBEE certificate, your B-BBEE affidavit is valid for one year from the date it is stamped by a commissioner of oaths.

Who must complete the affidavit?

Only directors or members of the entity requesting verification can complete the affidavit – no third parties.

Accurate shareholder information

Be completely transparent in your affidavit as providing incorrect shareholder information is a criminal offence.

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