Team Honeycomb Pro Cycling

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Initiatives, Team Honeycomb

Honeycomb Pro Cycling has been at the forefront of cycling in South Africa. Dominating road cycling in 2022 has seen the likes of former South African champion rider Marc Pritzen WIN the Cape Town Cycle Tour shining Honeycomb’s light brighter and brighter.


With our resident sprinter, Travis Barrett showing how to finish wrap up several races this season, Casper Kruger reiterating what the heart of a team is he is not just a role model to the younger riders but a symbol of what Honeycomb BEE Ratings stands for. Jason Eggett racing U23 at 18 we have seen incredible growth and not to mention just being edged out at SA Champs in the time trial.

The team has won 6 of the biggest races so far in the first half of the season and secured 9 healthy podiums out of 10. Honeycomb Stands for development of riders, Gravel and Mountain bike has been growing considerably across the world which shows the versatility of our riders and each discipline also making a massive impact in those classes.
The goal in obtaining the top road racing team is our priority, Team Honeycomb Pro Cycling can’t wait for MTB and Gravel come 2023.


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