BBBEE Supplier Vetting

Build a B-BBEE supplier network your community can be proud of.

Full-Service B-BBEE Supplier Vetting

We assess the B-BBEE compliance status of your suppliers, including new, existing and potential business suppliers in all sectors, countrywide.

Our high-level risk assessment covers every step of the supplier engagement process and caters to large businesses with multiple suppliers.

The B-BBEE supplier chain is a crucial aspect of driving socio-economic change and sustainable transformation in your communities.

Honeycomb BEE promises quality, diligence and extensive knowledge of B-BBEE. We uphold what is written in law and gazetted, helping you to truly transform your business

Supplier Vetting & Onboarding

Supplier vetting entails checking supplier ownership to confirm if the entity is 51% black-owned or more. We verify B-BBEE affidavits, tax certificates, share certificates and relevant operational licences.

Supplier Risk Assessment

Our team identifies the financial, ethical and reputational business risks posed by your suppliers. Non-compliant suppliers risk your company’s growth and ability to promote sustainable transformation in designated communities.


Supplier Compliance Assurance

We provide a detailed report on whether your suppliers meet B-BBEE requirements. Even if they have valid certificates, we report on compliance at an operational level, mitigating the risk of B-BBEE fronting.

Our B-BBEE Supplier Vetting Process

The risk assessment process follows 5 main steps:

  1. Onboarding: Share requested supplier documentation with our analysts. This enables us to set up the Quality Management System (QMS) and update our supplier database with a list of certificates.
  2. Document Validation: We validate the initial documentation of your suppliers.
  3. Document Monitoring: We ensure the most recent documents are on file at all times and monitor them using the QMS.
  4. Intermittent Criminal Checks (If Required): We ensure suppliers are not involved in any criminal activities inclusive of child labour, fraud or money laundering.
  5. Reporting: Detailed and accurate reporting at all times until the B-BBEE certificate expires.

Get a Comprehensive BBBEE Supplier Vetting Report ?

Our supplier risk report indicates which of your suppliers comply with B-BBEE requirements. Since B-BBEE certificates last a year, this is an annual process with ongoing updates.

The report helps you to navigate B-BBEE conversations with suppliers, mitigating the risks of partnering with them if they are non-compliant. You will have the knowledge to choose suppliers that are better for your business and better for the community.

Minimum scope of the report

  • Vetting and expediting supplier B-BBEE verification
  • Supplier documentation and data capturing
  • Monthly supplier maintenance and ongoing updates
  • Annual ownership reviews
  • Assessing the risks of fronting

Our Clients

We’ve helped leading brands across South Africa meet their BEE requirements.

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